JAWS Custom Labels for NFL.com available

One feature in the JAWS screen reader is known as “custom label assign”. This is particularly helpful on web sites that fail to label graphics or other items that should contain alternative text or other such labels. This can turn the gibberish of /../images/33342.;gif into something more meaningful.
In the case of www.nfl.com, many of the team logos are not labeled correctly.
I’ve created a custom label file that gives these items correct names. You can obtain the file from http://www.kellyford.org/random/nfl.zip.
To use the file, ope it in the JAWS settings packager and choose the import option. For more detailed instructions see the JAWS help file within the Settings Packager.

Lights Out Please

Enough already with all the talk about Light in the Piazza at the start of every show at Intiman this year. I’ve been to three shows this season and everyone has started with some reference to Light in the Piazza–most often explaining why Bartlett Sher is absent from what are supposed to be performances followed by conversations with the theater’s artistic director. Sher seems to be absent more often than not of late, dealing with obligations for the touring version of Light in the Piazza.
Make no mistake, I’m pleased for the successes that are happening with Piazza. The play started out in Seattle a couple years ago, had a Broadway run and just now kicked off a touring version. But much like a sports team that’s won a championship, I’d like to see the theater focus on this season. Don’t sell me tickets for conversations with an artistic director who’s too busy to show up for conversations that hold his name.
I’ve never left performances early until the last two I attended at Intiman. Richard III and Heartbreak House were both flat uninspired adventures in tedium. The actors seemed more like they were going through the motions than bringing mainstays of the stage to life.
Shame on the Intiman for putting on such disappointments when they’ve been so much stronger in the past.

Delhi Traffic

One of the memories that sticks with me about travel in India is the wildness of the traffic. The LA Times ran an article talking about Delhi traffic today.

Bus drivers cut off motorcyclists, truckers dodge cows, entire families squeeze onto a single scooter, three-wheel “auto rickshaws” zip in between everyone
else, and those on foot utter prayers and curses in equal measure.