An Entertaining Ad

Surfing with a screen reader can occasionally yield humorous browsing experiences. As anyone who does this knows, you are frequently exposed to names of objects that I suspect web designers do not expect anyone will ever actually read.


These challenging names are typically exposed in situations where alternative text has not been provided for graphical links and as the names for frames on web pages.


Today I was using a web site and ran across the below entries for an iframe and the link to an ad within that frame.


pinkSexyBlond_728x90x_low_salx_U996x_0607 frame


pinkSexyBlond_728x90x_low_salx_U996x_0607 frame end


The really ironic thing here is that the link actually went to a web site providing financial advice and the web site where the ad was being shown was a news web site. How a pink sexy blond was involved is beyond me.

Same Old, Same Old

I suppose because to some degree blogging has now reached the masses, at least those who have the time and desire to read blogs, this article qualifies as news. The basic point of the article is that bloggers are fighting electronically in various wars of words.


I have to ask if this is anything new? Anyone who’s been around the online world knows that the debates in the blogging community making news today have been going on since the first times folks could hide behind a keyboard and launch written assaults against whatever ticked them off that day. Sure the technology might have been different but these same kinds of arguments have been going on for the more than 20 years I’ve been involved with the online world.


I’m all for the availability of information and ideas that the web has allowed. Quality blogs represent a great new information source that I think we are still figuring out how to incorporate into the fabric of society. But junk is junk and the online world’s always been filled with a lot of it.