Music From Dolores Park

Aimee and I were in San Francisco last weekend for a short break visiting a good friend. On Sunday the three of us opted to head out to the city with no real agenda beyond visiting Mission Dolores and then to see where Bay area transit and our feet would take us.


As we left the mission we started hearing some sort of announcements coming from loud speakers down the street. I’m drawn to these kinds of public sounds I guess because there’s a part of me that’s always curious about what’s going on.


As it turned out, this happened to be an annual event from the San Francisco Symphony where a free outdoor concert is put on in Dolores Park. What a great serendipitous discovery and quite the pleasant afternoon.


The first half of the concert featured a trumpet soloist by the name of Alison Balsom. Here’s a bit of the music we heard that afternoon.


I’m definitely going to have to hear more of this artist. I won’t claim to be any kind of expert but I really enjoyed Balsom’s interpretation on the music and found the way she coaxed a softer sound out of the trumpet particularly intriguing. You always hear the big bold brassy sounds from trumpet players with the rapid flourishes and such and Balsom handled those smoothly. I was really impressed with the way she softened the trumpet’s sound at times though and I’d like to hear more of her work.

Madison, WI Is A Pricy Flight

Sometimes what the news has to say is no secret. I caught a news article in several arenas lately talking about how expensive it is to fly to Madison, Wisconsin. Surprise me not!


When returning to Wisconsin, Madison is our first choice if at all possible because the city was once home and is closer to relatives. But according to this article, flying to Madison is the third most expensive city one can fly to in the U.S.


The Dane County Regional Airport had the nation’s third-highest average daily airfare among the top 100 airports during the first quarter of 2008, according to a report this week by the federal Transportation Department’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics.

The Madison airport, which ranks 98th based on the volume of originating passengers, had an average daily fare of $454.91, which also was more than $100 higher than average fares at the competing Milwaukee and Chicago O’Hare airports. The average daily fare at all of the 100 largest airports was $332.