Congress Needs Some Spelling Assistance

Obviously this is not, in the grand scheme of things, a huge deal. That said, for the curious try the following:


  1. Navigate to
  2. Enter the zip 98052 in the box for locating a representative by zip.
  3. Note the resulting page which indicates that 98052 is not enough info.


The 5 digit ZIP code 98052 was not enough information to determine your Representative. There are muiltiple Representatives who share this 5 digit ZIP code.


With the billions we all pay in taxes, you’d think our government could correctly spell the word multiple. I left feedback today to ask that this be corrected so we’ll see how long any correction takes.

Amazon’s Inaccessible Election Map

Today’s Seattle times has an article talking about how Amazon has created a map illustrating the political leaning of a state based on book book purchases from this state. I mention this heare because after trying the page, it could serve as a model of how to make an inaccessible web page. It seems like every rule about basic web accessibility was ignored.


Unable to see pictures, well you are out of luck. Need info conveyed with something other than color. To bad, so sad.


On Tuesday, the Seattle-based retailer introduced an interactive map of the U.S. showing which states are “red” or “blue” based on their online book purchases.

For now, 36 states are pink or red. Six are blue. And eight, including Washington and Oregon, are purple, meaning residents are virtually split in their political book purchases between Republican and Democratic viewpoints.


The map, available at, and updated daily, is based on sales of books with a political perspective, as identified in promotional material and customer classifications.


Take a browse and try and determine anything meaningful from this page if you are using a screen reader. Even the book titles from the most popular categories seem to be missing meaningful text. You can read fun links named things like I/518RvzD1MOL._AA110_.


I’ve sent feedback to Amazon but if anyone has real contacts beyond feedback links on web pages it would be good to let Amazon know.

Definitely Feels Strange

Anyone who’s a football fan knows all to well the saga that’s played out over these past many months with Brett Favre and his retirement/unretirement. With the 2008 NFL season now underway, it definitely feels strange to see Favre playing for the Jets and tossing his 443rd touchdown for a team other than the Packers. Only time will tell how it all works out for everyone involved and I guess it keeps things interesting.