Short Takes

Going with the random musings theme of my blog, here are a few tidbits.


Twitter and Facebook


Postings to the blog have been a bit slow of late. In part this is because I have been spending more of my online time on Twitter and Facebook. You can follow me on Twitter at My Facebook profile is at Twitter tends to be accessibility related info and Facebook more of a personal nature.


JAWS 11 Beta Available


Freedom Scientific has released a beta version of JAWS 11. You can find full details at


Room for Improvement in NFL Field Pass Accessibility


With the 2009 NFL preseason underway, I opted to give NFL Field pass a try again this year. As a former Wisconsinite, it is a great way for me to listen to Packer radio broadcasts.


Initially I was very disappointed to see the service switched to Flash and used it in a completely inaccessible fashion. Work arounds of using a low bandwidth version of the page and launching game audio from scores pages have resolved the blocking nature of the change. That said, the fact that the player itself still fails to use Flash in an accessible fashion is a disappointment. Audio control of the player for example remains inaccessible. One would hope for better of a leading sports league. Accessibility should not mean finding these work arounds in the first place.