A Sad Touch of Irony

While eating dinner this evening, the advertising industry displayed the omnipresent need to put snippets of famous music into a commercial to sell whatever the latest it is they think we must absolutely have. Even a couple hours later the product itself escapes me but I’m struck by the sad touch of irony the experience represents.


The commercial used some music from Boston and I remarked to Aimee that as a band they had to be near the top in terms of getting the most mileage from the least music released. Make no mistake, the unique guitar sound and vocals of the band puts Boston near the top of my list of favorites. Classic rock radio, as with many of the greats, certainly overplays the band’s music but for me it doesn’t diminish the pure enjoyment of kicking back and listening to those first two albums from the group.


We continued our discussion about bands that made the most with the least music for a bit and then went back to the early days of MTV with a DVD of several music videos from the 1980s. Feeling a bit nostalgic, I decided to play a bit of Boston when we were done.


It was then that Aimee happened to look on her computer and shared the news that Brad Delp, Boston’s lead singer, had died earlier in the day.


I was fortunate to see Boston once live in concert back in 1986 I think at Alpine Valley in Wisconsin. That show still ranks in the top five for the best live concerts I’ve attended. As a bit of irony Aimee and I, who certainly didn’t know each other back then, discovered we both attended the same Boston show.

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