Audio of A Saturday Walk in Dublin

On 11/26 we were in Dublin. Here’s some audio from the day. Things start out with us walking around the outside of Trinity college. The two quiet sections are inside the college in a room with the Book of Kells and another large library room known as the Long Room that has hundreds of rare books. You then hear us walk through the college gates, part of a Dublin city tour and more stops on various streets of Dublin.
Unfortunately audio is in Windows Media format only while we are on the road. When we return I’ll convert to MP3 and put more audio online.

One thought on “Audio of A Saturday Walk in Dublin”

  1. Hey Kelly: This was interesting….kind of an unedited Podcast. I attended a technology conference last week and went to a session on Podcasting. It would be interesting to hear this (and other portions of your trip) as a travelogue with your audio interspersed.
    I just read Aimee’s summary too and it sounds like you two have really experienced some cool aspects of the Indian culture. I have seen Monsoon Wedding and a few other Bollywood movies…it would be wonderful to participate in an actual ceremony. I’m jealous! I am VERY impressed with your expanding of the culinary palate. Maybe we can head to an Indian restaurant next time I’m in Seattle.
    Well, I hope you two have a fantastic conclusion to your trip in England. Looking forward to the audio and photographic postings in the future. Cheerio!

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