Definitely Dated

One of the nice things about Netflix is the opportunity to revisit movies from the past. I used the extended holiday weekend to watch one of those movies I’d seen as a kid that had stuck in my mind as one of those “great” movies that I always wanted to see again.
It has probably been at least 20 years since I saw “…And Justice for All” on some cable channel. The final courtroom scene stuck in my mind over the years as something to remember.
My mind is definitely cleared of that memory now. Perhaps at the time this movie pushed the envelope of courtroom drama. I’m not enough of a movie buff to say for sure. What I can say is that memory in this case was definitely better than reality after watching the movie again.
Perhaps it is the flood of legal movies that have come over the years but watching the movie felt mostly like watching someone paint-by -numbers to complete the picture of the standard legal drama.
It was also funny just how dated the music was. Television and film from the era has such a predictable sound. Oh well, at least my fixation with seeing this movie again has been cured.