Disappointing ShopLocal Experience

Retailers like Best Buy and Circuit City use a service known as ShopLocal to produce their online ads. The disappointing thing for me is that when you visit one of these weekly ad sites, there’s a link pointing you to accessibility instructions on how to make the site work if you are visually impaired. The link takes you to http://bestbuy.shoplocal.com/bestbuy/controls/default/Accessibility.html.


Great but for the fact that the info appears very dated and doesn’t even work. I’m told by some that this info is no longer needed in newer versions of screen readers. That said, at least for me with any of the screen readers that support Flash, it still isn’t possible for me to reliably select a category to browse or products areas within those categories. In short the Flash does not seem to work from an accessibility perspective.


Follow this link to an example of the Best Buy weekly ad pages. What’s been the experience of others here? Are you able to use these ShopLocal ads?


There’s a comment form for ShopLocal at

http://www.shoplocal.com/comment.aspx. I’ve left feedback so we’ll see if any response happens.

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