Ghosts in Seattle

Whether you are a believer or not, the Market Ghost Tour is worth a try should you ever visit Seattle. Aimee and I took the tour last evening with a friend of hers from work and despite being drenched by rain, the experience was entertaining.


The hour-long walking tour leads you through parts of Pike Place Market pointing out buildings that are supposedly haunted. While no ghosts were encountered on our stroll, I for one learned a bit of Seattle’s history that I hadn’t heard before.


As an example, you can learn all about a Dr. Linda Hazzard who built her medical claim to fame on the theory that starvation was the cure to all ills. I guess you could say the theory worked because in the end the maladies afflicting the good doctor’s patients did go away. Unfortunately something else ended up doing most of the people in. Wonder of wonder it was the same Dr. Hazzard who filled out most of the death certificates in these cases. According to the tour guide, Paramount Pictures is coming out with a movie on this next year. Should you so choose, you can read Hazzard’s book “Fasting for the Cure of Disease”.


Our tour guide Mercedes was a walking storybook of Seattle history, much of it not the sort you’d find in any chamber of commerce version of what one should know about Seattle. She has a book of her stories available along with links to several other books that may be of interest.

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