Happy Data Times

A couple months ago I wrote about a problem drive on one of my computers. Thankfully yesterday with the help of a friend and colleague I was able to get back all the data from the drive so all’s well in computing land. I’m joyfully listening to batches of all the music I had encoded before the hard drive crash and enjoying some of the audio files from our trip to China last summer that I thought were lost.


One day I’ll put more of our trip audio online. For now here’s a sample of a mall connected to our hotel and also one of a department store where we purchased some treats to bring back to friends. The mall audio is interesting if only for the song you hear playing in the background. Nothing like strolling through a mall in Beijing and hearing Karen Carpenter singing away.


Hunting around the web I found this deal on a 500GB drive for $99 that I’m probably going to purchase to help with a better backup strategy. Of course no amount of hardware will help if you do not start the backups so I consider myself extra lucky to have all the data restored.

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