Happy Days – A Sidewalk’s Around the Corner

Technically I suppose this isn’t around the corner but in driving home from the airport recently we noticed a construction sign on a road near our house indicating lane closures that were about to start.  The road in question is Old Redmond Road in the city of Redmond and is the road where I catch a bus for work.  There’s also the typical suburban strip mall down a few blocks from where we live on this road.


Regretably there’s been no sidewalk on part of Old Redmond Road and for more than two years a project to put one in was in a stalled state due to funding issues or so I was told.  This has made it difficult for me to walk to things like a grocery store and such in this shopping center.


A bit of web browsing this morning tells me that the City of Redmond must have found some money.  The project descriptionn says that the missing sidewalks will be added.


Personally this is great news for my little corner of the world.