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Hello All,
Sorry I haven’t written any updates in a while, but I’ve been in the sticks of Nepal where email access is nonexistent/unreliable. I’ve enjoyed the country, but aspects of the tour have been very disappointing, and the last several days have not been without drama. Let me explain.
We got to a nice resort in Pokhara called Tiger Mountain–very beautiful, remote placewhere Sir Ed Hillary and the Royals once stayed. Gorgeous views of the Annapurnas (which I saw at sunrise), had some lovely nature walks in the Gurung villages accompanied by a the guide’s dogs, children, and the occasional butterfly. Our tour agenda promised several activities but failed to mention only a few were covered by the tour, and we had to pay to go into Pokhara. The pony rides were not being offered. Great services and food though.
After Pokhara, we were picked up by a guide and drove to Lumbini via Tansen. Drive took longer than expected and the guide was totally unfamiliar with the area, culture, history, etc. Not good. Passed a hotel with a dead goat in front of its gates (the welcome mat, perhaps? An ad for dinner?) We were to stay at the Hokke Hotel, but ended up at another, which was a dump. Broken light fixtures, bad wiring on one lamp (a dim room), no info on what services the hotel provided, including when the hot water was shut off (a reality in this part of the world). The second night, Michelle and I got some food poisoning from the dinner–I had a mild case, but I was wiped out the next day, when we stayed at Temple Tiger in Royal Chitwan. Very nice, like in the jungle, but basically like camping without access to the Tharu villages as the agenda promised.
Today we were to go to Janakpur, but this had to be cancelled due to strikes in the area. I’m on my way back to Kathmandu, but wantd to send you all an update and to let you know I’m safe. More Later.
I will be home on the 15th.

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