Indian Wedding Barat Music

A few years ago Aimee and I travelled to India for the wedding of one of my coworkers. We had the privilege of taking part in one of the wedding traditions known as a Barat.


Dictionaries will tell you that a barat is a procession lead by the groom with his relatives and friends to the place of the wedding ceremony. It involves musicians, dancing and general celebration as the wedding party makes their way through the streets.


What I will tell you is that listening to this recording of some of the procession even today reminds me what a delightful experience we had at the wedding and taking part in the barat. Enjoy nine minutes of what was more than an hour long experience. The musicians mingled with the people in an ever-changing flowing arrangement of people. One minute you were near the front of the group, the next the back. One second a drum is beating just inches from your head, the next a horn. I’ve long wondered what it was like to be part of a marching band. Now I know.

One thought on “Indian Wedding Barat Music”

  1. I just wanted to thank you for posting such an amazing version of the barat you attended.
    I am an Indian living in Vancouver and my parents are celebrating their 35th anniversary in a few days. Their friends want to re-enact the wedding rituals and I wanted to play this music. I’m so glad I found it on your site.
    Again, thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed your trip. It’s an honour and privilege to be part of a barat in our culture.

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