Life Shouldn’t Be an Advertisement

At some point enough should be enough. Now I read that they want to bring corporate sponsorship to San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. It makes me wonder at times if we’ve lost our way to the point that anything’s for sale and if life’s going to turn into one big commercial.


Kevin Bartram, a sponsorship consultant hired by the bridge’s overseers, the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District, said any sponsorship would be tastefully done.


“It will be appropriate and understated,” Mr. Bartram said. “But visible.”


There’s always a “but” to these kinds of deals. Truth be told, the Golden Gate Bridge doesn’t do much for me. I’ve walked on the bridge several times because I lived relatively close to it when I made my home in San Francisco. Walking on the bridge the most I experienced was a bit of shaking as cars whizzed by, and obviously a lot of wind given the size of open water the bridge covers.


As a walking destination it wasn’t overly interesting but enough folks that were around commented on how interesting the view is that I can guess anything that messes with it would not be good.



Do we really need more food stands, visitor centers or anything else that increases the commercialism of yet another destination? We need to find ways to fund our public life without selling our world.

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