Pick Your Price, MLB Fails to Pay Attention To Pricing in Alt Text, reports monthly pricing as annual rate

So, is MLB giving people who rely on alt text to understand the intent of images a real bonus or just not paying attention to what their alt tags convey? Check out the pricing according to alt tags for MLB.TV Premium.


The price is first indicated as $119.95 per year. But then alt text for the graphic of monthly subscription pricing of $24.95 indicates the rate is an annual rate as well. So MLB, do I get to pick my price for the annual subscription or are you going to correct your alt tags and pay better attention?


Alt text matters and my point here isn’t to be picky, although if MLB wants to let me pick the price of $24.95 for an annual subscription, which I could conclude based on current text, that sort of pickiness is just fine with me.


For the curious, here is how the alt text reads to a screen reader.





And here is the relevant section of the web page HTML. Note how the graphical names for the .png files go as far as indicating monthly and year for the images but that the alt text on the monthly pricing is incorrect.


            <td class=”feature_premium”>

                <div class=”link_purchase”><a href=”https://secure.mlb.com/enterworkflow.do?flowId=commerce.cart.noUpfrontRegisPurchase&campaignCode=MLBTV_CMPGN&voucherCode=MLBTV_VOCHR&keepWfParams=true&c_id=mlb&sku=MLBTVSUBPRSEA2010″ onclick=”bam.tracking.trackLaunchLink(‘https://secure.mlb.com/enterworkflow.do?flowId=commerce.cart.noUpfrontRegisPurchase&campaignCode=MLBTV_CMPGN&voucherCode=MLBTV_VOCHR&keepWfParams=true&c_id=mlb&sku=MLBTVSUBPRSEA2010′,{genericExternalLinkTracker:{tracked:’MLB: MLB.TV
Subscriptions: Premium
Click‘}});”><img src=”/mlb/images/subscriptions/y2010/regseason/btn_119.95.png” border=”0″ class=”png” alt=”$119.95/year” /></a></div>

                <div class=”link_purchase”><a href=”https://secure.mlb.com/enterworkflow.do?flowId=commerce.cart.noUpfrontRegisPurchase&campaignCode=MLBTV_CMPGN&voucherCode=MLBTV_VOCHR&keepWfParams=true&c_id=mlb&sku=MLBTVSUBPRMON2010″ onclick=”bam.tracking.trackLaunchLink(‘https://secure.mlb.com/enterworkflow.do?flowId=commerce.cart.noUpfrontRegisPurchase&campaignCode=MLBTV_CMPGN&voucherCode=MLBTV_VOCHR&keepWfParams=true&c_id=mlb&sku=MLBTVSUBPRMON2010′,{genericExternalLinkTracker:{tracked:’MLB: MLB.TV
Subscriptions: Premium
Click‘}});”><img src=”/mlb/images/subscriptions/y2010/regseason/btn_monthly_24.95.png” border=”0″ class=”png” alt=”$24.95/year” /></a></div>

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