Query on Cable/Satellite set-top box accessibility

I have loads of info and experience in most aspects of technology accessibility. This, however, is an area where I’m seeking to learn from others.
An impending change by Comcast to eliminate most analog signals means that my current solution for video recording of a Media Center PC with an analog TV tuner card will no longer work. In researching my options, I thought I’d see what anyone knew related to the state of the art, if any, there was in terms of direct access to the functionality of the set-top box?
I seem to recall some prototype software once that showed how the interface for accessibility on a set-top box might work. Did that go anyplace ever? In short is their anyone doing something good in terms of accessibility in this space I can share with Comcast and the manufacturers of the boxes?
For what it is worth, this change has nothing to do with the impending switch to digital TV for broadcasters. Instead Comcast is replacing most analog signals in their cable lineup to make room for more HD signals. My current proposed solution is looking like replacing my media center PC with a newer computer with a digital tuner card capable of handling a cable card required for decoding of digital cable signals. But at $1200 or so, it isn’t the most immediate solution I’d like to use.

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