Subscribing to MLB’s Gameday Audio

It took me a bit to figure out how to subscribe to only Gameday Audio with MLB so hopefully this saves others a few minutes. Most paths seem to want you to subscribe to the streaming television option. MlB customer support wasn’t overly helpful at understanding that not everyone hovers and uses a mouse.


The short version is that if you have an existing account, using the link of should take you to a page that prompts for username and password and then takes you through the ordering process. There is also a Buy Now option on the page if you do not have an existing account that indicates it will allow you to create an account.


I reached this destination by:


  1. Navigating to
  2. Selecting the Audio/Video link.
  3. Choosing accessible gameday audio from the resulting page.
  4. Following the subscribe link on the next page.

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