TAG, Try It

The folks over at All inPlay have another fun game for you to try. TAG, short for The Anagram Game, is currently a free public beta version where you can challenge your word making abilities against folks from around the net. Links to download and play the game along with instructions and mailing list subscription info are available at http://www.allinplay.com/games/beta.php.


Game play is straight forward after you download and install the 1.7 meg software. Choose a table from All inPlay’s web page and the game itself launches. You play with others from around the net and are given 20 seconds to review the phrase for that game. You are then told to begin making words and hear the point total for each word you make. As with other All inPlay games, you can quickly check how others in the game are doing and get some fun sounds as you play. There are various difficulty levels and levels of social chat available from the game tables. There’s even an option to challenge yourself and get familiar with how the game works. I found the game entertaining and a fun challenge during the time I took it for a test drive.

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