Where’s The Off Switch?

Computer gaming is one of those areas of technology that’s never really held my attention.  From time to time I’ll play a card game over on All inPlay or try some of the games described on AudioGames but I find myself quickly losing interest.


Then too when I read about people doing things like selling their virtual characters for thousands of dollars or paying folks to play the entry rounds for them in games I find myself wondering if these folks know where the off switch is in these online games.  I do recognize it is a rather uninformed thought, based largely on my lack of experience in the area.


I read articles like the one in InformationWeek today talking about a growing collision between virtual games and real laws and I quickly recognize that the fact is that there is no off switch any longer.  We are squarely at the beginning of a period in history where the “virtual” will soon be removed from “virtual reality”.

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